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About the Société immobilière Huot

For over 25 years, the Société immobilière Huot has been active in the Quebec City area where it develops and manages both residential and large scale commercial properties. The Company prides itself on its innovative projects that focus on providing excellent quality of life for its tenants through the use of quality materials and original designs that offer truly exceptional living spaces.



All our properties are developed by Atelier-H Architecture, a division of the Société immobilière Huot. This allows the team of architects to exchange directly with property managers and remain in touch with the needs of its clientele. This personalized connection translates into a global approach which reflects the needs of the tenants who are the cornerstone of each new real estate project. The Société immobilière Huot creates interior and exterior spaces that are truly remarkable living environments.


From design to construction, the durability of each material selected is carefully tested. All the exterior cladding used for our buildings, including masonry, fibrocement and aluminium and steel panels are selected to ensure the long-term viability of our properties. All our interior fixtures are high quality and are timelessly chic thanks to their neutral design and the white, black and grey wood colour palette.


Our condos are renowned on the Quebec City market for their impressive size. Large bright rooms and high-end materials, including luxurious kitchens with quartz island and countertops, are particularly appreciated. In addition to these spacious living areas, there are large balconies or terraces where tenants can enjoy outdoor living and take in stunning views. We develop innovative projects focused on quality of life through many unparalleled inclusions: swimming pools, urban BBQ, fully equipped fitness room, virtual golf, pool table, games lounge, reception lounge, winter ice rink, organic convenience store and coffee shop, hair salon, pet grooming area as well as a multitude of exclusive activities and unique services offered to tenants.


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The excellent 24-hour tenant services offered ensure peace of mind and unparalleled freedom.

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